Men’s Alligator Shoes: Are They Old-Fashioned?

Remember grandpa wearing those old green and yellow alligator skin shoes? They were kind of gauche and tacky and made people feel sorry for grandpa when they realized how little fashion sense he possessed. Well, that was a long time ago and men’s alligator shoes have come a long way. No longer are they the fashion equivalent of tapioca pudding. Continue reading

Comfortable leather shoes: from your office to a party

When searching for optimal footwear and comfort leather shoes, shrewd men of fashion must consider current trends as well as utilitarian flexibility. Today’s luxury comfort shoes include modern versions of classic men’s dress shoes. These include the lace-up oxford, one of the most comfortable shoes for men; classic loafers; monk strap dress shoes; the always-posh leather dress boot; and cap toes.

Fashion-conscious men should also consider shoe construction and design when picking ideal comfort leather shoes for business and pleasure. Modern trends have shifted away from the tapered-toe design of wingtips. Instead, contemporary oxfords feature a boxier look with square toes designed to meld vogue panache into the most comfortable shoes for men. This shape is also evident in other contemporary comfort leather shoes such as loafers, which also feature a relaxed wedge design. Continue reading

A Man’s luxury wallet: how to choose?

Quality leather wallets always make welcome gifts for any occasion. When shopping for men, luxury wallets are wise choices offering a cherished personal item that is sure to be used daily for years to come. Finding the best leather wallets online is a snap if you know what you are looking for and where to look. The first consideration should be the preferences of that special man you are buying for. Continue reading